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Acromage v1.16.00 Windows Mobile (PPC Games)

Acromage v1.16.00 Windows Mobile
Acromage v1.16.00 Windows Mobile

Name : Acromage v1.16.00 Windows Mobile
Genre : Puzzle
File Name :
File Size : 9.3mb
Supported Phones : (Acer) neoTouch, F1, neoTouch S200, beTouch E101, E1, M900, F900, neoTouch P400, beTouch E100, beTouch E200, L1, DX650, X960 (Asus) P320, P750, P535, P835, P527, M930, P525, P552w, P565, P526, P550, M530w, P735, P505, (AT&T) 8525, SMT5700, Mustang ... (BenQ) P50, E72 (BenQ-Siemens) P51 (Eten glofiish) X610, DX900, V900, X500, X800, X600, X900, M700, X650, M800, M810, X500+, M750 (Eten) M550, M600, M600+, G500+, G500, M500 (Garmin-Asus) nuvifone M10, nuvifone M20 (Gigabyte) GSmart S1205, GSmart S1200, GSmart t600, GSmart MS820, GSmart MS802, GSmart i120, GSmart MW700, GSmart MW702, GSmart i350, GSmart MS800, GSmart MW998, GSmart i, GSmart i300 (Haier) U69 Show All Windows Mobile Compatible Phones

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The game, in fact – a card strategy. The rules are simple. There are 2 players (player vs player player vs AI), each has its own tower, the wall in front of her, 3 types of resources (bricks, stones and magical monsters) and their generators (quarry, magic and a menagerie, respectively). And most importantly – 6 cards. Each card has unique characteristics, so it is highly desirable to read the description on them before use. Some cards are attacking the enemy, others add the player resources, and some build walls and so on. Total cards 87. At the beginning of each turn, a player is added as much resources as it has the relevant generators. The goal: using the cards, destroy the enemy tower (the tower – in the sense of stone, to accumulate a certain amount of resources, or build their tower to a certain level. And one more comment for those who do not know: if the map is not written specifically what deals damage (tower / wall), they are put first wall, and then, when it will be destroyed and the tower.

You can manage the game as a touchscreen, and keyboard (in the menu – only the touchscreen). Select map by moving your stylus / finger on the lower half of the cards (or Left / Right on D-Pad `e), use the map by dragging it on the field, or simply by clicking on the field (Up). The card also can be (and sometimes should) throw away – this is done by clicking on the button Discard top of the screen, or Down on the D-Pad `e. When you exit the menu progress is not saved!

The game is made as similar to the version of the M & M7. Maps, of course, also part of the seventh. I think that 87 initially enough. In the future I can easily extend the range of maps from M & M8 or any other, user.
So far there are 2 levels of AI – easy (uses a random map) and average (using the best map). In the future I plan to do and complex, which will adjust all sorts of tricks to the player.
You can configure the number of primary resources, the conditions of victory, the number of cards. Also, is there base danyh all taverns of M & M7 with their pre-settings.
Game in English.

Your skills will be put to the test with Acromage. In this card game, players attempt to build their card tower, acquire resources, or destroy their opponents' tower before their opponent can build their tower or acquire resources. Arcomage can be played by one player versus a computer opponent, two players over a network, or two players via the Internet using TCP/IP connection or the Mplayer service.

As i am aware of, this game was translated from chinese to russian from a ukrainian programmer and a complete translation into english.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (240x320)


Note: This Game May Not Work With All The Phones Listed Above


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